Fueled by the recent toppling of both the Tunisia and Egyptian autocrats, other countries feel emboldened to take to the streets demanding reform and freedom.  People from Algeria, Yemen, Libya and yes, even Iran are becoming more and more organized and persistent in demanding their voices be heard.  Sadly, some of the hypocrisy that burdens American relations is the fact that we, America, have been the ones to promote them to power in the first place!!  So now the delicate balancing act begins with America policy supporting the protests while at the same time assuring those in the Middle East who are in power, to stay calm and take comfort that the U.S.A. still supports them.   Those in power that we have diplomatic relations with:  Jordan,  UAE, Qatar, Turkey and others.  Iran is the lone wolf as it’s dictator Ahmajinidad is a ruthless dictator who will unfortunately use a lot of FORCE to keep the protestors at bay.   Democracy comes from Greek “demokratia” and its first known use is 1576. 

These movements are inclusive of the old and young with the young taking to the streets with Twitter, Facebook and smartphones.  I pray for the people and hope that the bloodshed will be minimal.  Freedom is never free.  Just ask a war veteran that just lost a limb or suffered a traumatic brain injury.